In this article, I’m going to talk about a little bug I got with IDA, here are the first lines of the introduction:

After spending some cool time for the New Year’s eve, I was back at home ready
to start a new year full of system programming, exploit writing, bug-hunting, etc.
So the 01/01, glad to be alive, I was nally back at my desk (with chocolate boxes
everywhere on it) and I wanted to write a toy program using libogg1
in order to play
with it (someone says fuzzing ?). After reading the examples provided by the libogg
team, I compiled a sort of libogg hello-world and I red up IDA to analyze it. And
at this very moment the impossible happened:

<screenshot IDA crash>

First, I thought this was just a random crash of IDA, maybe because of the IDB
or something like that. Thus, I tried to reload the magic binary (let’s call it this
way) several times in IDA, just to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating ; I wasn’t. Every
time I tried to load the magic binary in IDA the message box poped up and as soon
as I clicked on OK, IDA closed itself.

The article is availabe here: PDB Ain’t PDD, you can also find a bunch of codes related to this article on my github account here.

I hope you guys will enjoy the read, have fun!

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